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You can install the Coderace app on your Android™ device directly from this page using the link below, or if you prefer you can install it via Google Play. If you install from here, make sure that you have the "Unknown source" option ticked in your application settings. Once the .apk file is on your phone, just open it and follow the prompts to install it.

CodeRace has been upgraded since the event in 2012. Download version 2.0 using the button below.

Training game

You can try out the app by using a simple training game that has been set up for that purpose. The training game runs for 20 minutes and is automatically configured to restart every half hour.

There are two teams - North and South - with four players each, and you can log in as any of those players using the credentials below. There are some restrictions, however: a player is only allowed to log into a game once (for obvious reasons), so places in one run of the training game are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If you don't get a place, you will have to wait half an hour until the game restarts and try again.

The training game contains ten locations close to Edinburgh Napier University's Merchiston campus. Because you may not actually be in Edinburgh, pictures of the locations are provided below. Please note that these clues are quite simple and that in the real game they may be more challenging. The range of locations in the real game will obviously be considerably larger with all of the historical corners of the city to choose from. The purpose of the training game is simply to ensure that the software works correctly on your device, and that you understand the way the game works before the event. If you find any problems with using the Android™ software, please report them to

Accessing a game

A player account is associated with a single game in the system so that you only need to provide the username and password. The login page is displayed as soon as you start the Android™ app.

You can watch the progress of the test game using the game monitor whether you are taking part or not. To open the monitor, click the training game in the list shown on the Games page.

North team

South team


To maintain a little realism you will need to decide which image corresponds to which clue and work out the answer from what you can see. This should not prove too difficult!

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Android map view Android map view Android map view Android map view Android map view